Agile Business Builders is specialized in team- and organizational development.
We believe organizations can be more flexible, responsive and adaptable.
By prioritizing all activities with a focus on customer value.
That is exactly what agile stands for.


This can be accomplished by aligning attitude & behavior, course & vision and processes & content.
Our strength lies in our regard to both teams and individuals and
a streamlined internal organization with a clear vision and a distinct roadmap.

What is agile?

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Keep posted on all the trends and developments around agile and scrum. Read more at What is agile?

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Our customers experience

  • "What I liked were the pragmatic insights in complex mechanisms: not only identifying personal development objectives, but also how these relate to daily work and how this influences the overall business performance. To put it in other words: the higher the management the more influence individuals have on the entire business, thus when developing top management within a closed loop approach, Michel yields tangible results."

    Daan Smans
    Daan Smans ThyssenKrupp Elevators B.V. Business Development, Marketing & Communications manager
  • "In a short period of time we've managed to get a qualified scan of the team using MBTI profiles. This way it is clear where we stand as a team and how the individual strengths can be used for better team results. Michel creates movement in the team with his constructive coaching skills."

    Jan Malestein
    Jan Malestein Nedtrain. Hoofd Revisie Loopwerken
  • "I've had a positive experience with the guidance during the change process. The training is given in an informal way, to make a good start at the beginning of the season. Which makes it really fun to contribute. Karin is a person that is energetic and has a positive view on the current affairs in our business. The most remarkable change has been the improvement of the customer focus and the communication among the employees."

    Sylvia van Uden
    Sylvia van Uden Gemeente Rotterdam. Recreatieoord Hoek van Holland.

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